Vacuum Sealer Pro™

$54.99 $99.99

Pack, seal and preserve any food with this Vacuum Sealer Pro™. Gone are the days where your fruit, veggies, meat and fish gets easily spoiled and goes to waste. With this Vacuum Sealer Pro™ all you need to do is place your food inside the plastic bag and let the Vacuum Sealer Pro™ do the work. It will get all the air out from the plastic bag and will seal it tight just like a professional packaging. Check the instruction video below for more details on how to use the Vacuum Sealer Pro™.

DOMESTIC FOOD VACUUM SEALER WITH ONE TOUCH OPERATION -- The Vacuum Sealer Pro™ uses a rapid air removal process which can remove up to 9 litres of air per minute operating at 0.75 bar. Complete the one touch sealing process powered by using the heated strip to seal the bag, ready for freezing, storing or cooking.

KEEP FOOD FRESHER FOR 5X LONGER -- Keep foods like raw meat and fruit and vegetables fresher for up to five times longer as the vacuum sealing process inhibits the growth of bacteria. This means that you can stock up at your weekly shop without worrying about food going off or spoiling before you have chance to use it. 

SAVE ON WASTE, TIME, MONEY & SPACE -- The Vacuum Sealer Pro™ offers a convenient and economical food storage solution. Buy food in bulk at a cheaper price without worrying it will rot or go off as you can use the Vacuum Food Sealer Pro™ to preserve your fresh ingredients until you are ready to use them. You can also use the machine to prepare meals in advance for the week ahead which can then be stored in its most compact form then reheated at your convenience.

INCLUDES 15 VACUUM SEALER BAGS -- The Vacuum Sealer Pro™ is supplied with FREE 15 medium sized Vacuum Bags. The bags are ideal for storing your food in the freezer as they will protect your food from freezer burn so you can store your food without compromising its taste and texture.