FlawLess® - Hair Shaving Device

$19.99 $38

The shaving device only available in beauty salons, now also within your reach.

Innovation, design, passion. These are the qualities that describe our product. A revolutionary blend of design and portability coupled with precision technology for maximum efficiency.

ClearLip® the design allows it to be submersible for cleaning and removal of hairs expelled from the follicle, being a pleasant experience and away from pain.

With ClearLip® you will achieve amazing results:

✔ Your skin, smoother than ever.
✔ Exfoliation of the hair follicle
✔ Stop irritations
✔ The easiest hair removal on the market
✔ Eliminates accelerated body hair growth


We care about the integrity and satisfaction of our customers, that is why for the purchase of our product you will get two refills of the internal battery.