Color: Yellow
Shoe Size:

Wear your summer with  Comflyps™

Cute and casual comfort. It’s what you know and love from Comflyps™ – and what you expect from your favorite flip-flops. 

Comflyps™ don´t just look great, they also massage your feet and make you feel amazingComflyps™ stimulate the vital pressure points in your feet and it also makes you feel taller thanks to its 3-4cm sole. Don´t just take our word for it, try a pair and feel the Comflyps™ difference.

Don't tiptoe this summer. Stay cool, Stay with Comflyps™ 

✔ Comfy & Resistant

✔ Ultra-light, less than 50gm in weight

✔ Walking pain relief

✔ 5 colours available