Baby Playmat™

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3 in 1 Playmat: Cognitive, Sensory and Motor Development
Did you know that babies need to spend time on their stomachs to develop properly?

With the play mat your baby can play on his tummy while having fun and improving his psychomotor skills, strengthening his muscles and developing the necessary skills to crawl.

He will experiment with water without getting wet!
Improves hand-eye coordination: By interacting with the floating fish, they will move around and learn the cause-effect relationship, improving hand-eye coordination.
Strengthens muscles and bones: The playing position strengthens the muscles in your arms, chest and neck, allowing you to hold your head up, sit down and start crawling more easily.
100% safe: Made of high quality PVC material, 100% safe for your baby and resistant to shocks and bites.

How does it work?
Step 1: Inflate the edge and inside of the mat (2 small nozzles)
Step 2: Fill the inside of the carpet with water (1 large nozzle)
Ready! You can empty it whenever you want to take it with you comfortably.

Technical features
Package contents: 1 game mat
Material: High strength PVC
Size: 65cm x 50cm
Age: Recommended from 3 months